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Racquet Stringing Solutions is a family run service for tennis, squash and badminton players in the Newbury and surrounding areas originally started in 1989 by my father, Raymond Gooden when there were very few companies around providing the very much needed services for these sports. I was trained as a racquet stringer by Jeremy Holt of Apollo Leisure in Dorset (the stringing company at "The Wimbledon Championships") in 1989 and since have worked with my father in Newbury for a number of years and had my own stringing company in Basingstoke. I had a break from stringing for a while and have re-launched my services for the sports.

Lee Gooden
Company Owner & Racquet Stringer

Wimbledon 2016

Racquet Stringing Solutions was given the opportunity again to provide the printed clothing for the stringing team at Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2016. This is a great honour for Racquet Stringing Solutions and very much appreciated. Thank you Jeremy Holt and Gill Jone of Apollo Leisure.

Wimbledon 2015

Racquet Stringing Solutions was chosen again this year to provide the polo shirts and zip hoodies for the stringers at the Wimbledon Championships for Apollo Leisure. A slight change in colour was chosen and the effect was great as you can see from the image of all of the stringers, runners and admin staff taken at the championships. Once again, thank you to Jeremy Holt of Apollo Leisure for choosing us to provide the garments this year.

Class of 2015

Due to the alterations made to Aorangi Park and the player's area this year at Wimbledon, the stringing room was re-located to a new permanent location still in the vacinity of the practice courts and player's changing area. I was delighted to be asked by Jeremy Holt of Apollo Leisure to assist in setting up the room with my father, Ray Gooden to enable the stringers to have the area up and running ready for the start of the championships.

Stringing Room before Apollo took over
Stringing Room during the championships

ATP World Tour Finals 2014

Racquet Stringing Solutions were contacted by Detail Management Solutions Limited at the end of September 2014 in relationship to supplying ball machines for the “Barclays Ball Kids Skills Challenge” located at the rear of the “Barclays Holding Court Live” area within the Fan Zone at the ATP World Tour Finals at The O2 in 2014. During our discussions it was proposed to supply two bespoke ball machines to provide the activation sequence required by their client and Barclays, who are the main sponsor of the tournament. An order for the two ball machines was received on Thursday, 23rd October with a deadline of having the machines ready for the first day of the tournament on Sunday, 9th November at 10.30am. This provided only 16 days in total for the bespoke ball machines to be designed, materials ordered, built and tested before going to the O2. There were some teething problems with the machines when they were first installed on the stand, but some long days and nights eventually got the machines working. There was a last minute change required by the client to the activation sequence of the balls to the play area that meant a re-write of the program controlling the ball release. This was completed in time ready for the first use of the machines at 10.30am on Sunday, 9th November.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Detail Management Solutions Limited for giving Racquet Stringing Solutions the opportunity to supply the two bespoke ball machines for the ATP World Tour Finals.


Videos of the bespoke ball machines in operation can be seen below: -

Wimbledon Stringers Polo Shirts & Zip Hoodies

A major element of the tennis tournaments is the work carried out behind the scenes in the stringing room. I have been awarded the contract by Apollo Leisure, the stringing contractor of The Wimbledon Championships 2014 to supply the stringer's polo shirts and zip hoodies fully branded with the Apollo and Babolat logos. It is a great honour to have been awarded this contract and I am fully grateful of the opportunity provided by Apollo Leisure.


I look forward to seeing the polo shirts and zip hoodies being worn by the stringers at the championship.

Following delivery of the polo shirts and zip hoodies to Apollo Leisure for The Wimbledon Championships 2014, I managed to photograph Jamie Pethick wearing his polo shirt while stringing a racquet at Roehampton on 16th June 2014.

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