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what tensions to have

How to choose what tension to have your strings.

When choosing the tension of your strings, the following will help you decide whether to go for high or low stringing tensions: -


Higher tension stringing will provide better control but lower power


Lower tension stringing will provide less control but higher power


Finding the right tension for your style of play again is another trial and error process. Your racquet, strings and style of play all have an impact along with what court surface you are playing on, the temperature and humidity. Strings react differently with temperature and humidity changes. It is better to find a compromise on tension that will enable you to play in all conditions rather than one that allows you to play in hotter dryer or colder wetter conditions.


As an example of the difference between high and low tensions the following is a basic analogy: -


If you stand on a trampoline, the surface is soft and springy, providing a great amount of power to enable you to go high but your balance is unstable, making it difficult to move around as you would like in a precise manner. This is lower tension stringing in your racquet.


If you stand on the ground, the surface is solid without any spring, providing very little or no power so you do not go very high but your balance is very stable, allowing you to move around precisely and easily. This is higher tension stringing in your racquet.


This is a very basic way to look at the stringing tensions in your racquet so that you can understand what the difference in tension will do.

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