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When is the time to have your racquet re-strung??

All players ask “When should I have my racquet re-strung. My strings are not broken and seem to be fine. Why should I pay out for new strings when I do not need to”.


There is one rule of thumb that says "you should have your racquet re-strung the same number of times a year that you play a week".


I do not fully subscribe to this as it all depends on what type of player you are, how hard you are hitting the ball, what type of strokes you play, and most importantly, what type of strings you are using. Polyester, Kevlar and synthetic gut strings are all designed to last longer than natural gut and multifilament strings, so the above rule of thumb could be used effectively.


Strings have a maximum life expectancy depending on the player and type of punishment the strings take. Although a string has not broken, this does not mean that it is still as good as when it was first put into the racquet. Multifilament strings are the best ones to analyse as they are designed for maximum comfort but have a dramatically reduced life expectancy due to their construction. For some players they may only last 3 to 4 weeks at top level play before they break. The reality is that the maximum playability of the string would potentially only last a couple of weeks and the remaining time they are being used is when they are starting to break down as the outer covering protecting the multifilament’s inside has worn away and exposed fibres are fraying and breaking.


As an example, top grand slam players on the ATP tours have their racquets constantly re-strung even though the strings have not broken. Some even have racquets re-strung that have not been used to make sure all of the racquets are consistent for playability for each match.


Strings are possibly the most important part of you and your equipment. They are the only item that makes contact with the ball and choosing the correct type of strings and tensions to have them can have a dramatic effect on the way you play. Price should not be the deciding factor. More expensive strings are not necessarily the best ones for you. The decision on strings and tensions should be a process of trying out a range of different strings and tensions so that you can find the one that best suits you and the way you play.

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