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ATP World Tour Finals 2014

Bespoke ball machines supplied for the "Barclays Ball Kids Skills Challenge"

Racquet Stringing Solutions were contacted by Detail Management Solutions Limited at the end of September 2014 in relationship to supplying ball machines for the “Barclays Ball Kids Skills Challenge” located at the rear of the “Barclays Holding Court Live” area within the Fan Zone at the ATP World Tour Finals at The O2 in 2014. During our discussions it was proposed to supply two bespoke ball machines to provide the activation sequence required by their client and Barclays, who are the main sponsor of the tournament. An order for the two ball machines was received on Thursday, 23rd October with a deadline of having the machines ready for the first day of the tournament on Sunday, 9th November at 10.30am. This provided only 16 days in total for the bespoke ball machines to be designed, materials ordered, built and tested before going to the O2. There were some teething problems with the machines when they were first installed on the stand, but some long days and nights eventually got the machines working. There was a last minute change required by the client to the activation sequence of the balls to the play area that meant a re-write of the program controlling the ball release. This was completed in time ready for the first use of the machines at 10.30am on Sunday, 9th November.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Detail Management Solutions Limited for giving Racquet Stringing Solutions the opportunity to supply the two bespoke ball machines for the ATP World Tour Finals.


Videos of the bespoke ball machines in operation can be seen by following the links below: -


Area 1


Area 3

Bespoke Ball Machines
Bespoke Ball Machines In Location On Client's Installed Shelves
"Barclays Ball Kids Skills Challenge” Area

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