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Improve your core stroke techniques with repetetive training.


Repetitive training of ground stokes is a way to improve your technique. By hiring a ball machine this will enable a succession of balls to be placed in an accurate pre-determined position on the court every time so that you can practice a single stroke or multiple of strokes depending on your requirement. The ball machine we offer for hire is a Lobster Elite 3 with 2 button remote control, 90 pressureless Wilson training tennis balls and a hopper to collect them at the end of each session. The ball machine is battery operated so no need to be near a power supply and can easily run for 1-2 hours without any interruptions.


The ball machine will be delivered to your club or tennis courts of choice with the remote control, balls and hopper for hire by individuals or clubs on an hourly basis being fully setup by us for each session.


For more information on hiring the ball machine and where it can be delivered to please contact us.

Bournemouth         Ray 07958 388 959      Lee 07824 785 496                             Newbury             Andy 07786 362 299

Now providing stringing service in Bournemouth, Dorset and Newbury, Berkshire. Contact either Lee or Andy to meet up and discuss your requirements.

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