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ball machine service

Have your ball machine regularly serviced to provide endless hours of practice.


Keep your ball machine (whatever the make and model) in tip top condition by having it regularly serviced by us. Don't just wait until the ball machine stops working as this may be more harmful to the internal components.


Top tips on keeping your ball machine in full working order: -


1. Keep your machine in a cool and dry location.

2. Keep the battery charged at all times.

3. Only use pressureless tennis balls.


For more information on having your ball machine serviced please contact us.

Bournemouth/Poole Lee 07824 785 496      Ray 07958 388 959

Newbury              Andy 07786 362 299

Now providing stringing service in Bournemouth, Poole & Newbury. Give us a call to meet up and discuss your stringing requirements.

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