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Hi lee


The racquet played very well. I really need to thank u for the stringing. The only "international sporting capability" that I have is of getting racquets strung in Australia, Canada, US, India, New Zealand and now in UK (a total of 15 stringers from these places) and I have to say that while the stringing machine is important, the stringer's skill is god gifted and I have to say that I rank u at the top with another stringer I came across in Adelaide, he used to string for Leyton Hewitt and used to be a contracted stringer at the Australian open.


A from Newbury on 11/09/2013

Hi lee,

I have to say awesome!


Racquet hits like a exocet!

Haven't lost any control, and having just smashed the guys I play into small pieces, my boss now has your details and will be in touch shortly!

Thanks again.


S from Salisbury on 28/09/2013

Just had my racquet re-strung by Lee. The speed of service is great and he even collected and returned my racquet from my work, making the whole process simple.


Thank you.


J from Newbury on 08/10/2013

Bournemouth/Poole Lee 07824 785 496      Ray 07958 388 959

Newbury              Andy 07786 362 299

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