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How much will it cost to have my racquet restrung??

Having your racquet restrung starts from £13.50 for the standard synthetic gut strings and rises to £40.00 for the latest natural gut strings. There are many manufacturers and strings available that are not shown on the following pages. If you have a specific string that is not shown let me know and I can source this for you. For string prices follow the links below: -


head strings


babolat strings


tecnifibre strings


wilson strings


other Strings


You can also order your stringing online by following the following link. Once your request is received we will contact you to arrange collection and delivery of your racquet.


order stringing online


Replacement grommet strips are available where the existing is either damaged or the grommets are breaking & splitting. Each set covers a whole racquet and cost between £7.00 and £11.00 depending on the manufacturer and model of the racquet.


Where only a small number of individual grommets need replacing, this can be easily carried out at a cost of 10p per grommet replace.

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Now providing stringing service in Bournemouth, Poole & Newbury. Give us a call to meet up and discuss your stringing requirements.

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